Episode 20

Published on:

20th Dec 2019

Coaching after 25 years as a Corporate Leader Featuring Tricia Manning

Tricia Manning is a certified executive coach and has been a student of human behavior all of her life. 

We discuss:

  • What keeps you 25 years at the same company [1:18]
  • Triggers that cause end of employment [4:37]
  • Resources to help you make the initial steps once you’re out of the corporate world [7:23]
  • Why good networking happens when you’re clear what you [don’t] want [11:37]
  • A sudden realization that brings a mixture of fear, concerns and excitement [16:03]
  • Actions accelerating the process of running a small business [18:48]
  • Screening for success assignments [22:35]

At the age of 5 years old, Tricia’s father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and her mom became full-time caregiver and breadwinner. This early experience influenced Tricia's values, beliefs and style as she rose through the ranks in corporate America to become 1 of only 2 women on the executive leadership team. In 2016, Tricia faced an unexpected health crisis. She made the difficult decision to end her corporate career but wasn't ready to stop helping others. With a passion to grow strong leaders and fight for gender diversity in the boardroom, she began her own coaching practice. Tricia's excitement is contagious as she lifts others up, leaving them engaged and inspired to take on any challenge.

Learn more about Tricia at http://www.triciamanning.comLinkedInand Facebook.

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Building Your Own Successful Business After a Late Career Job Loss
Have you lost your job after 20 or 30 years in your career? Do you feel traumatized and unsure how to go forward? Would you rather work for yourself and have more control over your destiny? You are not alone. In GOING SOLO, we discuss what it’s like to go from being highly skilled and well compensated to unemployment; how to deal with the trauma of late-career job loss; and how to reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur, satisfying your soul and supporting your lifestyle.

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After 28 years as a highly skilled employee, I was told that my job was over. In spite of the immediate trauma and fear, I knew that as my next step, I'd rather work for myself and have more control over my destiny. That was in 2006.

Today, I'm a thriving entrepreneur, podcaster and speaker. I guide highly skilled professionals who are recovering from a late career job loss and who yearn to impact the world with their knowledge and creativity by becoming successful entrepreneurs.