Episode 12

Published on:

25th Oct 2019

How to Deal with the Trauma of Job Loss Featuring Ken Gorfinkle

Ken Gorfinkle is a clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience caring for adults and children with chronic medical illness, mood and anxiety disorders. 

We discuss:

  • A huge financial step over the cliff [3:17]
  • Jumping into entrepreneurship in two stages [4:46]
  • How to turn the loss of colleague contacts into something good [6:04]
  • What to pay attention to when you’ve lost your job [8:55]
  • Basic steps to deal with emotions after a job loss [11:55]
  • Self-assessment as a strategy against ageism [15:26]
  • How to overcome the barriers to becoming a freelance consultant after being an employee for many years [16:38]
  • How to step back on your feet and start bringing in income as quickly as possible [18:58]
  • The real time to evaluate who we are and what matters [22:06]

With his wife, Doris Ullendorff, Ken owns Common Sense Therapy, a unique private psychotherapy practice in New York. After over 25 years working at the bedside of people receiving in-hospital care for cancer, organ transplant, diabetes, congenital birth defects and chronic pain conditions, Ken continues to provide care and support for those with ongoing needs after acute care is in the past. Ken and Doris have developed a broad referral network of psychiatric and medical providers in the New York metropolitan area; clinicians with whom they enjoy a collaborative treatment approach. 

Learn more about Ken at http://www.commonsensetherapy.comLinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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Building Your Own Successful Business After a Late Career Job Loss
Have you lost your job after 20 or 30 years in your career? Do you feel traumatized and unsure how to go forward? Would you rather work for yourself and have more control over your destiny? You are not alone. In GOING SOLO, we discuss what it’s like to go from being highly skilled and well compensated to unemployment; how to deal with the trauma of late-career job loss; and how to reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur, satisfying your soul and supporting your lifestyle.

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David Shriner-Cahn

After 28 years as a highly skilled employee, I was told that my job was over. In spite of the immediate trauma and fear, I knew that as my next step, I'd rather work for myself and have more control over my destiny. That was in 2006.

Today, I'm a thriving entrepreneur, podcaster and speaker. I guide highly skilled professionals who are recovering from a late career job loss and who yearn to impact the world with their knowledge and creativity by becoming successful entrepreneurs.